Today translation is a necessary attribute of varied in thematics portals and sites.

We offer the service of the remote machine translation based on our technology Pragma and on our partners' technologies. The translation of texts is done from any language into any other language.  Soon we are going to add more than 50 languages, that is more then 2500 translation directions. All of these are available for free.

It is quite easy to install our on-line translator on your site and you don't need special knowledge in programming for this purpose. All you need to do is to write specially generated code fragment into a necessary place on your page.

There are two variants of code receipt:

  • Express method (generates a code, which reflects the same on-line translator's form as in our site)
  • Standard method (generation process is multistep and it lets you change a form design).

Express method is suitable almost for everyone and if you like our variant, use it. The code is reflected after filling up of some fields and single key pressing.

If you want to have a special translator's design, you have to use the standard method. This variant will take more time but the result will be also different.

As a first step you need to register on a site and then pass to the section for About Company-For Developers.

If you have any questions or problems -contact the company's support service.

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