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A new generation solution – the machine translator supporting eight languages and 56 translation directions – has implemented the most advanced technologies. In our translator all possible translation directions are supported for all languages presented. This makes it easy-to-use and highly sought.

The unique features of the program provide high translation quality of documents, e-mails and Web-sites.

Pragma 6.x has a few product lines:

Business, Home, Net, Server

The packages are oriented on private and corporate users.

We give an opportunity for developers to use API to integrate our translator into Your applications.

Users may purchase a license with any chosen license validity period of the program. You can buy a program for 1 month. The minimum price for 1 month is  only $ 2. The licenses with  the unlimited validity period  are available as well.

Our free on-line translator is available on this website.

The program is distributed freely as a shareware. You may download it from our site.

English (United Kingdom)Russian (CIS)Ukrainian (UA)

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