Pragma Net

Pragma Net (Concurrent License) supports for an unlimited number of users (license restrictions relate only to the number of concurrent translations).
You need only to determine how many people could translate texts simultaneously.  

The minimum number of workplaces with simultaneous translation requests is 10.  

What differs Pragma Net from Pragma Business?

- availability of a handy system utility for administrator;
- time saving on  technical support of company computers;
- program activation and update is necessary only on a company server;
- client programs update runs automatically;

If You have a large number of employees in a company - Pragma Net is Your choice.

Pragma Net  includes dictionaries  with the extended domain (topic) marking (business, computer science, oil and gas, metallurgy, etc).

Program order is made individually.

Approximate price is 50% more expensive than a similar Pragma Business configuration.

For complete information about the price and order of Pragma Net contact our manager.

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